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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I didn't drive the van off a cliff.

So the very day after I wrote the long motivation post, was that 'hell' day of the month where I think I am starving to death and there isn't enough food in the world to satisfy me. Unfortunately I was home all day, and not as hyper focused and busy as I should have been, so...I ate a lot, I ate often, and I ate poorly. I didn't even try to count the calories, I knew it was pointless.

The good news is, yes there is good news, the next day when I got up I didn't have the familiar attitude of oh well, I've blown it now, what the heck, I'll start again on Monday. I decided to adopt the same attitude that I would in so many other areas of my life where there is a setback. For example if I drop my phone on the floor, I don't say, "oh well, I've dropped it now, I may as well stomp on it until it's beyond repair." A few years ago when I slid into a curb and bent my tire rim on an icy road I didn't drive to a cliff and drive the van off because something happened and the whole thing was ruined now. So why do I, dare I say we(?) have such an all or nothing attitude about a day where we mess up with the eating? I did chose not to get on the scale the next day, I knew that wouldn't be good, but today when I got on, I was only up .6 of a pound. Now it's true, if I hadn't had that day, if I would have fought through and not eaten all that I did I would be down instead of up, but life happens. I am a woman, I'm so glad I am, and if that means that one day a month my body goes insane, oh well. I'll deal.

I have been doing well with my goals, really on track with all I have set so far. Although I am almost a week behind on adding new ones, I'll let you know what I have been doing.

This week I added;
-doing some kind of leg exercise every time I brush my teeth for 2 minutes. I've been doing squats, lunges, leg lifts, whatever I think of. It is not going to make a huge difference in any hurry, but it is an effort to move more.
-I have too much stuff in my life. I'm going to go through my stuff and find at least one large bag or box of things to take to donate.
-I'm going to increase the daily walks to a minimum of 25 mins.

Just to keep you updated, overall I have lost 10.2 lbs since the 1st, not as much as I had hoped, it seemed like I was on track to have a bigger loss a week ago, but I'm more than fine with it. The month isn't over, and if I can lose 10 lbs a month I will be very, very happy!!

Thanks for reading, and commenting, it really is helping.