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Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6

Scale was exactly the same as yesterday, but I wasn't surprised, I weighed before I completed all of my morning rituals. I think you know what I mean. I shall say no more. Same is fine, tomorrow will be better.

I did manage to cross off a few more things from the weekly goals list.

I played 1 hour of wii with my child. When I said I wanted to do 2 really fun things, I was thinking more like sledding or skiing, or something...big, but that just hasn't happened. I don't feel like an hour of wii counts, but as a friend pointed out there are tons of parents that would never do that, and the little consistent things make the memories too.

I also got the email written and send to friend I have kind of lost touch with. That feels good. I will have writing to others that I've lost touch with as upcoming weekly goals as well.

-2 really fun things with my child. –played wii together for about an hour -write down everything I eat. -yes
-stay under 1700 calories daily. –yes about 1300
-walk 20 mins a day -yes
-floss my teeth 3 times this week - yes -lotion on my body after shower -yes -write a long overdue email –yes, and sent
-look into taking some courses –still planning to start Monday
-1 hour on paperwork on my messy desk. –yes, did 30 mins more today
-blog at least 3 days this week -yes
Sorry about the inconsistent font size, I cut and paste part of blog, and then I can't seem to make it the same... oh well, I'm guessing you can still read it. Geez I hope it isn't too annoying!
I just noticed that I have passed 1000 visits to my blog, one word... cool!