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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Diet Plan

I know what you are thinking... oh no, not another crazy diet! Well I have never been one to go on those crazy diets, with the exception of 1. Back in the '80's I did the Scarsdale Diet a few times. That's it though, no grapefruit diet, no South Beach diet, no cabbage diet, or any other of those weird ones that were out there. But now, I'm going to start a new one. At least for January. It is called the "One Day Diet."
Never heard of it, well that's because I am making it up, right here, right now. My plan is rather than thinking about how much weight I have to lose, and how long it is going to take me to lose it, which is not only depressing, it is discouraging, I'm going to focus on today. I'm going to play some mind games with myself and tell myself that today, just today, I'm going to be good. I'm going to eat right, do the exercise I say I'm going to, along with the rest of the things I've said I'm going to do each day. When I'm feeling like I can't do, or I'm feeling too tempted, I'm going to tell myself, "Just today, diet is just for today. Tomorrow I can do what I want."

I haven't lost my willpower or dedication... yet. When I do, (I know myself well enough to say when, not if...) this is what I'm planning on falling back on.
The scale was good to me again this morning, thank you Ms. Scale. I'll do my part, you do yours.

I did well today with the weeks goals as well. I'm looking forward to next week when hopefully my toe will continue to be feeling better, and I can add some more movement into the mix. I don't think I mentioned I broke my toe just before Christmas.

So here is today's breakdown;
-2 really fun things with my child -she got home tonight, so no.
-write down everything I eat. -yes
-stay under 1700 calories daily.-yes, about 1600
-walk 20 mins a day -yes
-floss my teeth 3 times this week -one down
-lotion on my body after shower -yes, it felt good too
-write a long overdue email -no
-look into taking some courses -I'm registered, not sure if I'll start this week.
-1 hour on paperwork on my messy desk.-10 mins
-blog at least 3 days this week
-this is 2

So that's where I'm at, one day at a time. I feel like I'm ready again. With this new diet I know I can do it. I will reach my goal. I will be healthy and fit, and well, dare I say... hot!! Go me!! Go us!!!