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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Today is one of the goal dates I set...

Yes, today is one of the goal dates I set along my journey to my final goal. I saw a friend today that I hadn't seen in a year, and I was shooting for 177 lbs for today. Well... I didn't make that goal. I am somewhat upset about it because on the 19th I was 179.5 lbs, but unfortunately this past week I went up instead of down, so today I was back where I was on the 19th... 179.5. Granted that is only 2.5 lbs away from where I was hoping to be today, and oh my gosh, I could have done soooo much worse. Also I can't minimize the fact that I have lost 16.5 lbs since Jan. 1. I am proud of the weight loss, but I'm more proud of the fact that I have stuck with it. There have been set backs, and tests, but over these last 8 weeks I have never considered throwing in the towel. Yeah me!

One thing I do need to do is to get more proactive with getting more consistent exercise. I have been walking, but not everyday, sometimes not for days in a row. I haven't been to the gym for probably a month. Pilates... at least a month. I need to get my body moving more. I haven't hit a plateau yet, but more exercise will help avoid that, it will help the weight come off faster, not to mention make  my body look better now and when the weight is off.

So... my goals;
-keeping the calories under 1700 has been easy, as has writing everything down, I will keep that up
-drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water
-the earrings and perfume have gone well
-I have been doing well with the flossing, and the lotion, I'll keep that up
-I have been making progress with the courses, I'm enjoying them, and will work harder
-I did get some stuff to donation, I need to round up more, 1 bag this week
-I need to do more random smiling, as weird as it sounds, it really does feel good
-going to continue the leg exercises while I brush my teeth, such a little thing, but every bit helps
-I'll walk everyday
-I will either get to the gym, or do pilates 3 times this week
-I'm going to try to make plans to get together with a friend
-Even though I eat quite well I'm going to make and effort to eat more fibre

So that's it. Next goal date is March 16th, 3 weeks, I am going to stick with my original goal for that date and hope I can make up the 2.5 lbs that I am short on today's goal. So that means I'm shooting for 171 lbs for March 16. One day, one hour, one minute, one decision at a time and I will have the success I'm hoping for.

What works best for you? Setting a goal weight by a date, or just concentrating on one day at a time?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day to all my blogger peeps!

So today is Valentine's Day. What do you all think of the "holiday?" Personally I like it when I am in love, but not so much if I'm not, which come to think of it, hasn't been for a lot of years now.

That brings me to my next point, I think I am getting ready to consider starting to date. There is a significant problem, well several really, but the first one is where do I meet said men to date? My work has me working alone, not that dating where you work is always a good idea mind you. Pretty much all  my friends are married, or in the "don't need a man, don't want a man, ever again," stage. I guess I could go and troll grocery stores and hardware stores, but seriously, what kind of result will that bring me? I could put a profile on a dating site. I know people that have met good people there, I actually have a cousin that met a man on a dating site and they got married. Honestly, I think this is probably the best option. This brings me to my next problem/obstacle. A huge part of me thinks I should be at my potential, physically, mentally, and career wise before I put myself out there. I mean I don't feel as confident as I would if I was 40 lbs lighter, and had a job I'm proud of. But do I really want to put my life on hold until summer, which is when I hope to have lost these 40 lbs by? Middle of July sounds like a long way away though... Mind you how long has my life been on hold already, what's a few more months? O.k. I've talked myself into waiting, mind you summer means shorts, and skirts, and short or no sleeves... so much nicer to hide under the bulk of winter clothes. Lol.
I  want to be clear that I don't need a man, I am not desperate for a man, and I won't settle for an o.k. man. I know if I am not happy with me, no man will make me happy, but what I am is lonely. I want some emotional intimacy, (and oh my gosh... physical too!!) So where does that leave me? Maybe I should set a weight and decide that is when I will put a profile on a site. Maybe not my goal weight but how about 10 or 20 lbs from it? That way I would be close, and I can get my feet wet, so to speak, there will be no swimming dates, trust me. Mind you a walk in the rain would be fine. Plus the excitement of dating might be the boost I need if the last lbs don't want to leave me.
Hmmm what to do, what to do? I think that is it. I think when I weigh 159 I will put a profile on a dating site and see what happens. I think my final goal weight is 139. Wii says my optimum weight is 132, but I think I'm going to be good at 139, time will tell.
K, thanks for "listening."
In case you are wondering, I haven't been doing as well with my goals as I would like. I need to get more proactive with that. I have been doing well with the weight stuff, well not the walking, I spend the last 5 days sitting literally all day in bleachers watching sporting events, but the calories have been where I want them. It's the other stuff that I haven't been doing as well as I would like. I'll write all that down somewhere where I can see it daily and work on that more consistently.
I hope you all enjoy the day, whether there is a sweetie in the picture or not... I just decided I'm going to spend the whole day telling myself how much I love me!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In a Better Place

Christie recently commented to one of my posts that she was happy that I seemed to be in a better place lately. Thanks for commenting and noticing Christie. Yes, I would say I am in a better place. Not "THE BETTER PLACE" thankfully, (not quite ready for that yet,) but yes, overall a better place.
I have always been a 'glass half full' kind of gal, but it seems over the last several, actually... many years, I had lost that. I have always felt that the way you feel depends on how you decide you are going to feel, but like all good habits, given the right conditions, they can be eroded.
Recently I made a conscious decision that I was tired of being sad. I was tired of feeling like life sucks. Tired of letting the way other people act have such an effect on the way I feel. I was just tired of not being happy. So I gave some serious thought on how to get happy. As you know, I have been setting some goals that I've posted on here, I have also set some others with regard to finance that I haven't bored you with. The feeling of taking control of my life really is empowering. I know that everything is not where I want it, and some of the things I need to change are going to take many years, but at least I don't feel like I am just coasting anymore. No more thinking that it is o.k. to be waiting for something to happen to get things started. It was always something. When I lose weight, I will ____________ (insert 'the thing' here.) When I pay off that debt I will take a vacation with my child. When I feel more confident I'll start to date. (O.k. I admit it, this one was about losing weight too.) When I have more time I'll get my house the way I want it. It's always something, and I don't want to have my life on hold anymore. None of us have a guarantee as to how long we will live, and it's time for me to stop waiting for life to start.
Having said all that, I don't totally know what that means. I will continue on with my courses to move towards a new career. I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I will continue to set goals each week to move me closer to being the person I want to be.
I have been doing well with the latest goals I added. One that feels the best right now is doing leg exercises while I'm brushing my teeth. It's so simple, and really only about 2 mins, a couple times a day, but it feels good. This week is half over and I haven't added anything new this week, which is fine, so I guess I will just keep on with what I have so far.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great weekend

I know I haven't posted in over a week, things have been rather hectic here.

I went away last weekend and saw the friend that I hadn't seen in a few months. I had a great time, and I hope we can get together again in March. I don't know if that is going to fall into place or not, but I am still using that as my March goal date.

I did really well with eating on the weekend, I didn't count calories, but lets face it, I have been doing this long enough to know what I should and shouldn't eat, and how much. Plus it was easy, we were so busy doing other stuff that food was as it should be, a fuel, rather than a pastime.

I didn't do really well with the goals I set out with regard to the longer walks, etc. As I mentioned last week was busy getting all the ducks in a row for the weekend, then when I got home on Sunday night my child got a rather violent flu, so that changed the routine. Between attending to a sick child and therefore days of not doing what I normally would be doing, I have been playing catch up.

I did have a bad food day on Monday. This is not an excuse, but an explanation, and maybe a lesson for me. I had 2 very late nights on the weekend, could barely stay awake on the 3 hour drive home on Sunday, then Sunday night the flu set in and my child was up all night. We only caught a few winks here and there between bucket calls. Monday I was exhausted and totally out of energy. I ate way more than I should have, mostly I think, as a means of trying to boost my energy.

Really no new goals for this week since I haven't mastered the most recent ones I set yet. I will carry on with those that I have been doing, and work on consistently adding the recent ones.

Over all weight loss for January is good. As I mentioned I thought I was on track for a higher loss earlier in the month, but I will take what I got. Jan 1st I weighed 196.0. Feb 1st I weighed 184.7, for a total monthly loss of 11.3lbs. I'll take it.

The next date I have in mind that I am working towards in Feb 25. I will see a friend I haven't seen for exactly a year. That is just over 3 weeks. If I lose 2 lbs a week, that would be really nice. That is my pie in the sky, but hey, I'll take My real goal is to do everything right each and every day between now and then so that when that date comes I can honestly say to myself I did what I could. No matter what the number says, if I did the right things, that is all I can do. I say each and every day, that's my goal, but lets face it there is going to be another of "those" days between now and then when my body will try to mess with me, and sadly a day or 2 when my head will try and mess with me too, so if I end up messing up for a day, don't worry, I'm not going to drive the van off the cliff...