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Monday, 28 November 2011

Numbers, numbers, numbers. weight today was worse than I thought it would be. I guess that should be no surprise really. That is what happened when I got myself to 244 lbs in the first place, I didn't think I weighted as much as I thought.

So today I weighted 195.6. Insert angry swear here! Even though this is only a few lbs more than I thought I was, when I saw that number I had that hopeless what the hell is the point feeling and, where is the ice cream?

I know goals are important, everything you read tells you so, however I have never been good at setting them. I guess I never really learned how. So for now my goal is to get through today. I will not go out and buy ice cream. I will eat right today and I will get some exercise. My exercise goal is to do some pilates and go for a short walk.

Here we go... again.