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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Time to get serious.

So from the time I stepped on the scale in July of 2010 and was shocked to see that I was back over 200 lbs, until the end of Oct of that year I had only gotten to  197.8 lbs. Obviously I needed to stop pretending I wanted to lose weight and actually get to it.
By the end of November I was down a little more. I weighted 186.1 lbs. This was a loss of 11.7 lbs in about a month. I was happy with that.
The end of December my weight was 182.5 lbs. Not great, but a loss none the less, and a loss over the Christmas season.
At the end of January, 2011, I was down to 179.7 lbs. A full 2.8 lbs!!! The end of February I was 177.3 lbs. Another 2.4 lbs. down. The middle of March... 178.1, a gain of .8 of a lbs... That was almost 5 months and overall I lost 19.7 lbs. Woooo hoooo!!  (There really should be a font that lets you know that the comment is dripping with sarcasm.)
Now I know than on one hand this shouldn't be downplayed too much. It was 20 lbs (almost) after all. It could have been less, or hell, it could have been a gain in that time. I need to acknowledge that cloths that were not fitting 20 lbs ago I can now get on, and cloths that were too tight are comfortable now. But I certainly wasn’t losing the weight as fast as I wanted or as I could. So it is time to get more proactive, time to stop playing around with getting fit, time to set some short term and long term goals and time to get serious.
So this morning I weighted 177.5.  I would like to get to 139. Why 139? Well that would be a loss of 105 lbs. “I lost over a 100 lbs,” sounds good, and because 139 gets me into the "30's". Once I get there my plan is to stay there for awhile and see how it looks and feels. I’ll decide if that is where I want to stay, or if I want to lose more at that time. But that is a little ways away yet.  
When I lost 90 lbs the first time, I never weighed myself for almost the first year. I just kept on doing what I knew I needed to do, and the weight came off. My body got healthier and smaller, that's what counted. I would push on. But I now feel like I play too many mind games with myself so I have decided to weight myself everyday.
My short term goals for this week are:
-Get to bed on time, lights out by 11p.m.
-Drink water. Not sure of the amount I am going to shoot for yet, but I am thinking a glass an hour.
-Walk at least 30 minutes every day.
-Get to the gym for 30 mins of cardio plus weight training 4 days this week.
-Sneak in as much extra activity as I can.
-Keep track of what I eat, track my calories.
-Lose 3.0 lbs. Not what I will shoot for every week, but generally the first week produces good results.
I will add my mid and long term goals soon. Thanks for reading. I look forward to getting serious about kicking this weight to the curb, being fit, and feeling hot!! For you younger readers, yes... a 48 yo woman can feel hot! Lol.