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Thursday, 19 November 2015

A series of events have inspired me

As the title suggests a number of events have inspired me to return...

-I have been thinking of late that I want to get back to working towards getting healthy and fit again.

-I recently spilt a whole cup of tea on my 3 month old computer rendering it fried. That sent me back to my old computer. Seeing the shortcut to BlogSpot on my desktop made me think maybe getting back to it would be a good idea.

-While looking for something else in my favorites folder on this old computer I came across the link to Christie's blog, a favorite of mine called "Inside the Blubber Sarcophagus." She had stopped blogging awhile ago but I have checked infrequently to see if she was back. When I checked, yay! There she was! Reading her new posts was another factor in prompting me to put fingers to keys here.

Because I think this blog can possibly help to inspire me and keep me accountable to myself , I am going to use it to do that as well as get some stuff out of my head.

So, maybe later today when I have more time, or some day soon, I will post some of what has been on my mind, where I am and where I'm going.

Talk to you soon.

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