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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

o.k. ya, so I have being making a bunch of bad food choices...

I have been making bad food choices, (that means everything in sight, hungry or not, full or not,) bad exercise choices, (that means absolutely no exercise) and bad mental choices, (that means saying a bunch of not productive, mean things to myself.)

I was 169 lbs, (yeah me,)  March 30th, since then, I have let my fragile emotional state work against me and I have gained 7 lbs. Now 7 lbs isn't a huge deal, but, and yes, I have a big but(t)...(hee hee) Over the last 2 months instead of possibly losing 6-10 lbs each month, which would have gotten me 12-20 lbs down over that time, I gained 7. So according to my math... I have actually gained 27 lbs...

So what do I do now?

Well, I need to re-focus. I need to remember why I want to lose the weight. I need to remember what is really important.

Once I have that in mind again, I need to figure out  my goals.

Then I need to set a time line for those goals.

Then I will figure out a concrete plan for getting to those goals. Apparently wishing and wanting isn't going to cut it...

Tomorrow, or within the next day or 2 I will be posting all that here.

All I  know is that yes, maybe I've had a temporary set back again, but just like they say about smoking, don't quit quiting until it sticks. I'm not going to quit starting again, as long as I need to, until it sticks!

Here we go again.... weeeee!!

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