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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Still chuggin' along

I haven't been around, and if you read my blog you are probably thinking I have fallen off the wagon, especially after my last post. Well all is well, I got back on track after that day of 'blowing it' and have been doing reasonably well since then.
I did have a very bad weekend last weekend and it threw me for a loop for a few days, but I have gotten really good at just taking this in stride. Losing weight is not going to happen in a straight line, really, is there anything in life that does? There are always ups and downs, and as long as we let things run their course, without letting them run off the rails, it's all good.
I have not reached the weight loss goals I set for myself for this time frame, but oh well. The goals were based on best case scenario, with no hiccups, and that didn't happen. I haven't been exercising and honestly I have not even been going for that 30 minute walk every day. In spite of this I am still very pleased to report that I have lost 26 lbs since Jan 1, and that is nothing to sneeze at!! Current weight is 169.5.
I think I am ready to step it up again. Summer is just around the corner, and I would really like to lose 25 lbs in the next 3 months. I am envisioning being at what I think will be my goal weight by the middle of July. Wow, the idea of looking and feeling good in summer cloths this year makes me smile!
I'm not going to re-list my daily and weekly goals here today. Basically I am going to carry on with what I have set, improving where it is needed.
It sure feels good to be out of the 170's, 150's here I come!!

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