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Friday, 16 March 2012


As you may recall I was a few lbs short of my goal on my last goal date. I had hoped to make up the difference before my next goal date, which is today. I have been doing pretty well. I've kept my calories where I want them. I've only gone to the gym once, and I haven't done pilates however. I have been almost perfectly consistent with a minimum 30 minute walk each day though. So where that got me was with a loss of  7.5 lbs since my last post on the 25th of Feb. This mornings weight was 172.0 lbs. My goal was 171. I'm really pleased.  If you recall I was 2.5 lbs short on my last goal but I almost made up the difference this time. So I have lost a total of 24 lbs since Jan. 1st. Yeah me!
My next goal was to be April 8th, (161.) I'm keeping that goal but I'm throwing another one in there before that. I'm setting March 30 as a new goal. O.k. this is obvious, but the goal for the 30th will be half way to the 8th goal. So I am shooting for 166 the 30th. I haven't hit a plateau yet, I'm hoping that I don't anytime soon. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get all the way to my final goal with out hitting one? Well a girl can dream can't she...?

So an update on the goals;
-quality time with my child, yes
-calories under 1700, actually always closer to 1500, yes
-write down all I eat, yes
-lots of water, yes
-gym, no pilates, no
-flossing teeth and lotion, yes
-long visit with a friend, yes
-blogging as much as I would like, no, but I'm busy
-I need to spend more time on paperwork
-I need to spend more time on my courses
-I am wearing the perfume and ear rings, and smiling more
-I am doing the leg exercises while I brush my teeth
-I didn't fill that box to donate yet, I will do that this week
-as I mentioned, the walks are a minimum of 30 mins almost every day

I feel like I should add more goals, but at this point I am so busy I think I will just work on doing a better job of the ones I have already set.

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