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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great weekend

I know I haven't posted in over a week, things have been rather hectic here.

I went away last weekend and saw the friend that I hadn't seen in a few months. I had a great time, and I hope we can get together again in March. I don't know if that is going to fall into place or not, but I am still using that as my March goal date.

I did really well with eating on the weekend, I didn't count calories, but lets face it, I have been doing this long enough to know what I should and shouldn't eat, and how much. Plus it was easy, we were so busy doing other stuff that food was as it should be, a fuel, rather than a pastime.

I didn't do really well with the goals I set out with regard to the longer walks, etc. As I mentioned last week was busy getting all the ducks in a row for the weekend, then when I got home on Sunday night my child got a rather violent flu, so that changed the routine. Between attending to a sick child and therefore days of not doing what I normally would be doing, I have been playing catch up.

I did have a bad food day on Monday. This is not an excuse, but an explanation, and maybe a lesson for me. I had 2 very late nights on the weekend, could barely stay awake on the 3 hour drive home on Sunday, then Sunday night the flu set in and my child was up all night. We only caught a few winks here and there between bucket calls. Monday I was exhausted and totally out of energy. I ate way more than I should have, mostly I think, as a means of trying to boost my energy.

Really no new goals for this week since I haven't mastered the most recent ones I set yet. I will carry on with those that I have been doing, and work on consistently adding the recent ones.

Over all weight loss for January is good. As I mentioned I thought I was on track for a higher loss earlier in the month, but I will take what I got. Jan 1st I weighed 196.0. Feb 1st I weighed 184.7, for a total monthly loss of 11.3lbs. I'll take it.

The next date I have in mind that I am working towards in Feb 25. I will see a friend I haven't seen for exactly a year. That is just over 3 weeks. If I lose 2 lbs a week, that would be really nice. That is my pie in the sky, but hey, I'll take My real goal is to do everything right each and every day between now and then so that when that date comes I can honestly say to myself I did what I could. No matter what the number says, if I did the right things, that is all I can do. I say each and every day, that's my goal, but lets face it there is going to be another of "those" days between now and then when my body will try to mess with me, and sadly a day or 2 when my head will try and mess with me too, so if I end up messing up for a day, don't worry, I'm not going to drive the van off the cliff...

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  1. We all have bad days. Not wallowing in them is key and you are doing fabu! Here's to hitting your Feb 25 goal. I really love that all your post recently show that you are in a much better place. So excited for you!