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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday update

I didn't accomplish everything this week that I would have liked to, or at least to the degree I would have liked.
I didn't get to the gym, or do pilates, so that is a bit disappointing. I had a busy, physical week, but if I were to be honest with myself, there were plenty of times I could have accomplished this. Next week will be better.
I didn't have that long phone call with a friend. Tried once, our timing wasn't right. I'll try again next week.
I didn't blog 4 times, but honestly I'm not stressed about this one. I don't see the point of posting if I don't feel like I have anything 'readable' to say.
I was thinking about my goals for this week. I am going to continue with the ones I have already set out, but, what am I going to add? Well I have always been a believer in positive thinking, and although I have never really tried it, I believe that imagining what you want to happen, visualisation, is just another part of positive thinking. This week, I would like to spend some time each day, several times a day, visualising me feeling good and looking good in shorts and a tank top this summer. I have a specific pair of shorts and top in mind. I am going to 'see' myself in these cloths everyday as I move towards making this a reality.
The scale has been doing what it should over the last few weeks. I'm pleased that things are moving in the right direction and fairly quickly. Since Jan 1st I have lost 8.4 lbs. I know this is fast, and I know this is not going to keep up, but for now I'm going to just enjoy it.

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