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Monday, 9 January 2012

Scale dissed me today

Well as the post title says, the scale let me down today. I say the scale did, because honestly I have no idea what happened. I was under my calories, didn't eat what I thought was overly salty food, and I had a 30 min walk, so what the heck? O.k. it is just one day, and things can happen. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I just realised I ate the leftovers from last night for dinner tonight, so if it was a salty issue, I may be in the same boat tomorrow. Another thing I just thought of was is that I weighed about 3 hours earlier than I have been, and of course that means the full morning routine hadn't been completed. Oh well, I was doing everything right, so the numbers will all do what they are suppose to eventually.

With regard to the weekly goals;
-fun things, besides the normal hanging out things with my child- she is with her dad
-keep my calories under 1700 - yes -write down everything I eat yes -drink 8 glasses of water each day -7 so far -walk 20 mins per day -30 mins -do pilates or go to the gym 3 times this week -not yet -continue with the teeth flossing, and lotion after the showers -no floss, yes lotion -make time for a long phone call with a friend -not yet
-post to blog at least 4 times this week- one -work on paperwork, at least 1 hour-only 15 mins so far -spend at least 5 hours on the new courses -one hour today -wear perfume and earrings every time I leave the house -yup -remind myself to smile, just randomly smile. -smiling right now

Tomorrow I hope to have some time to actually write a more interesting blog than just an update. Thanks for the comments btw.

So, in the preview the goals are bigger than the rest of the text, but in the blog it's smaller. Also, in the preview it is all in bullet points, in the actual blog as you can see, it is all hodgepodge. Shrug. No idea how to fix that, so again, I hope you can read it.


  1. That is why I only weigh once a month. The daily fluctuations do a number on my emotions and provide an excuse. I can make up excuses on my own thank you very much. :-)

  2. Thats why I never weigh! same as downsizers, I dont need the emotional fall out the scale gives, I know when I've lost weight anyway
    I find the sizes of text in posts are changed when I cut and paste text and fine when i type it in . something to do with HTML so never cut and paste any more, not sure if this could be whats happened?
    Just keep on going, little steps every day add up to BIG long term changes, you just goto stick with it and be patient