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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quick post

Scale was good to me again today. I was pretty surprised. Last night after I posted I ate a bag of microwave popcorn and added that salt and vinegar seasoning. This all kept me under my goal of 1700 calories for the day, but when I got up this morning my fingers were a  bit puffy.

With regard to the weekly goals;

-2 really fun things with my child. - she was at her Dad's today 
-write down everything I eat. -yes
-stay under 1700 calories daily. -yes
-walk 20 mins a day  -yes actually walked 30, although not aggressively

-floss my teeth 3 times this week - one more down, I must be close to
-lotion on my body after shower -yes
-write a long overdue email -started one, but not done
-look into taking some courses –plan to start Monday
-1 hour on paperwork on my messy desk. -yes

-blog at least 3 days this week -yes

Dawn commented on yesterdays post about just buying new pants. I used to do that too when I was really big and wouldn't wear jeans. I bought those cotton pants with the stretch waist band. Not sweats, not yoga pants, but heavy cotton, almost denim. Anyway, I remember buying my first size large, then XL, then XXL. The XXL were very tight, threatening to really embarrass me at any turn, but I never did get the 3XL even though I should have. Funny thing is I remember buying the XL, but the subsequent sizes weren't as traumatic. Hmmmm, more mind games?

1 comment:

  1. Good for you!
    Getting back into each size jeans one by one, throwing away or giving away the big ones until I had nothing that fits and then buying new clothes each size down feels fantastic. It is true it feel better than food ever felt.
    Its a long journey and there is no quick fix but just get each day right and little by little all these successes come your way. Its great you are doing so very well towards this goal