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Monday, 18 April 2011

Really boring post... I would just pass on this one.. really.

I was in bed on time Friday, didn’t have the lights out until about 12 though, I wasn’t worried, I knew I could sleep in a little Saturday. I didn’t drink quite enough water on Saturday. I went out of town again, so no time for the gym, or a walk. I did about ¾ of an hour of very light arm exercises, and did the stomach and butt flexing I mentioned yesterday while I was driving, and I also did squats while brushing my teeth. Once I got to my friends I worked on hands and knees doing more staining again for about 6 hours.
Saturday’s total calories was 1305. Saturday mornings weight was 172.8.
Yesterday Sweet Pea commented that she thought my goal of 2.7 lbs per week might be high and I might be setting myself up for disappointment. I agree that a weight loss of 2.7 lbs per week likely isn’t realistic, if I want to be losing fat and not muscle. However this is the number that I’m shooting for. This number is what I am going to remind myself of on those occasions, like today, when someone offers me ‘the best chocolate bar ever.' It is my goal, even if I don’t make it I feel optimistic that I can get close to that number, at least for the first few, maybe several weeks, because I’m just starting out seriously again. Also, for me, if I pick a higher number, one the is really just on the cusp of being out of reach, I am less likely to cheat, otherwise I have been known to think I will make my number even if I cheat a little. Of course, time will tell if my plan for the next few weeks works or not.
No weigh in Sunday, I didn’t feel there is any point doing it on a different scale. Because I went out for breakfast on Sunday morning and had a half order of eggs benedict and about a 1/4 cup of deep fried hashbrowns I really can only guess at my daily calories, I think it was about 1200.  I spent a few more hours working on those baseboards and trim and I also did some light arm and stomach exercises as well. My weight this morning was 172.2.
I have decided I want to do some more research on how we can be sure we are losing fat and not muscle when we drop lbs. Does anyone anything about this?

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