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Saturday, 16 April 2011

My computer skills... lol

Apparently I need to work on my computer savvy. When I previewed yesterdays post all those numbers were in a nice little line, then when I posted, they when all ‘haywire’ as my Mom would say. I am writing my posts in Word, then doing the copy/ paste thing, maybe that isn’t the best plan.
Thursday night I got to bed on time. Friday I did well with the water. I got to the gym for 30 min on the rowing machine, then did an upper body weight routine. I also walked for 30 mins. Extra movement consisted of squats while brushing my teeth and alternating between flexing and releasing my stomach muscles and glutes while driving for a count of 100 each.
Friday’s food;
Toast, marg, peanut butter, milk                                                                                               400
Large orange                                                                                                                              100
Other half of the healthy choice steamer with extra rice I had the other day       
(No green beans this time)                                                                                                        210
12 whole almonds                                                                                                                       84
Pizza, 1 glass of 1% milk                                                                                                            605
                                                                                                                      Total                   1399         
Today’s weight was 172.8. Another baby step in the right direction, baby steps are good.
Another goal that I thought of, although it isn’t a tangible one, is this July I would like to attend a weekend car race event near my home. I would really like to go feeling good, or even great about how I look. I know this is a hard goal to nail down for me, because one day I will think I look pretty good, and then the next day, (heck, sometimes the next hour) I don’t feel at all good about how I think I look. So I guess maybe I need to tweak this goal somehow. Maybe I need to say I want to be able to be there not beating myself up because I have wasted time and if I had worked harder I would be closer to my goal. I’ll give this more thought. Does your mind play tricks on you too about how you look? Have you found a way to be more objective?

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  1. I use wordpress and do my writing in that but I wish I could do some formatting. I've tried copying text in from word with no success.