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Friday, 15 April 2011

Apparently physical labour counts...

As I mentioned I went out of town on Wednesday, so the day was all messed up. I didn’t go to the gym, or do any of the exercises that I said I would do. What I did instead was stain, then rub off said stain on baseboards, chair rails, and door trim for 10 hours. Most of this work was done on hands and knees, I was really tired at the end of the day, and Thursday I could feel that my arms had been busy.
I drank the water I was supposed to, but the eating was bad. Daily total was only about 1000 calories. We were too busy and focused to eat, then when we finished at midnight (nope didn’t make it to bed by 11 all I wanted to do was shower and go to bed.
Thursday I came home. But later in the day, so no walk, no gym.
Food for Thursday:
Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich.              `                                                                               430
250 ml 2% milk                                                                                                                           110
Large pear apple                                                                                                                        100
¼ C mashed potatoes, really no idea on these...                                                                      200
½ C steamed kernel corn                                                                                                             80
Barber broccoli stuffed chicken breast                                                                                      230
1 glass 1% milk                                                                                                                           110
                                                                                                                                Total          1260
Weight this morning was 173.3. So that means I met my weight loss goal for this week early. Woo hoo! So I will just reset it and say I want to lose 3 lbs in the next week. Bedtime, water, walking, gym, extra activity, and tracking calorie goals are the same.
I need to work on some mid and long term goals but I’m having some trouble with this. I would like to think of some non-scale goals, but for now, I’m thinking of one related to weight. In 5 weeks it is the May long weekend and I would really like to be in the 150’s, 159.9 would do. I know this is a pretty high goal. In order for me to reach it, I would have to consistently lose 2.7 lbs per week, but I want to live my life as I lose the weight. What so you think? Is this realistic? Do you think it's too high?

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  1. I think aiming for almost 3 lbs. a week is unrealistic. I did everything by the book this week and lost 1 lb. Average loss per week is 1/2 - 2 lbs.

    Don't set yourself for disappointment by aiming too high.